“Everything is embarrassingly interconnected, not least our ideas of metaphor, mind and chess.”

“[A] mind is often tacitly assumed to be a computer, or like a computer, and it is nothing of the sort.”

“Living as an organism is an experience in a way that living ‘as a computer’ cannot be.”

“However, it is precisely because your mind is not a computer that it can entertain the notion that it might be, and use that notion to think further about better metaphors for the nature of the mind.”

“That kind of metaphorical inflexion is the cutting edge of understanding.”

“When we think not merely with metaphors or through them, but about them, we move beyond conventional analogies and unconscious frames towards forms of subtle knowing that define our relationship to life as a whole.”

All above quotes from Jonathan Rowson’s “The Moves That Matter”

This train of thoughts is reflected in Carse’s infinite play: when we switch from thinking with metaphors to thinking about them, we switch from looking to seeing, for play within boundaries to play with boundaries.