Pushing the Boundaries: Agency, Evolution, and the Dynamic Emergence of Expanding Possibilities

The Zone is affiliated with a transdisciplinary research project called “Pushing the Boundaries,” located at the Dept of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, which revolves around living organisms and their evolution, revealing the limitations of our mechanistic world view. It postulates that the age of machines (and the modern civilization associated with it) is coming to an end. This civilizational turning point (or kairos) is happening in three ways: (1) By exhausting our short historical blimp of carbon-fuelled energy, we are soon entering an era of post-abundance without the ability to power our current technology- (and hence machine-)centered lifestyles. (2) The evolving metacrisis we see ourselves engulfed in (climate, war, pandemic, ecology) forces us to abandon the illusion of the world as a machine, controllable and predictable, and come to a more systemic, evolutionary, and organic view of our complex reality. (3) One of the most pressing tasks of our age is to overcome our view of life and ourselves as machines. Life is so much more than obsessive self-optimization! The Zone explores the semantic residue left behind by the modern mechanistic worldview.

More: https://www.expandingpossibilities.org