The Zone – Symbiosis

August 28 – November 28
curated by Björn Norberg

from the exhibition website:

“In Symbiosis, ideas, experiences and different areas of knowledge meet in an ongoing experiment. Through meetings between research, art, architecture and much Symbiosis aims imagine, test and reflect upon symbiotic thinking. The term symbiosis comes from Greek and can be translated as ‘living with’. The original meaning is a biological cohabitation where two organisms are mutually dependent on each other, sometimes even for their survival. Symbiosis is increasingly used when talking about interaction between different systems. This can be, for example, how social structures, communications, the environment and biodiversity interact in urban planning. What happens when we apply ‘symbiosis’ as a model of thought when addressing our present and future challenges?”

Artist statement by Bronwyn Lace and Marcus Neustetter:

After accepting the invitation to exhibit our worldmaking processes on a 60x40cm plinth, we face a paradox: we are forced to present a frozen moment of a dynamic, layered explorative exchange that has not yet taken a singular and specific form that could fit on a pedestal.

Our exhibit must therefore play with the symbiotic nature of our process—transgressing, subverting, and inverting boundaries. It explores an open-ended (infinite) game, arranged in a layered, transparent format that reveals the inner workings and tools that ground and guide our deliberations. The unbalanced pieces of the game, the chance element of the dice, and the unexpected layout of the board emphasise the state of disequilibrium and the element of serendipity that antifragile symbiotic systems struggle against and internalize during the process of evolution.

Made in Austria. Suitable for a single player or more, ages 0-99. Batteries not included.